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Evija Fogele

Fashion & Lifestyle


6+ year experience

IG, TikTok, YouTube

200+ brand collabs

Content niche:

Benefit of collaboration

Consumer purchase decisions are based on emotional patterns - if brand has failed to form an emotional connection with a potential customer (and products/services are not basic necessities), purchase possibility is significantly low. This is the main reason why influencer marketing is one of the fastest growing marketing niches (in 2021 influencer marketing growth reach 13.8 billion dollars).


  • brand recognition

  • reputation and trust creation

  • product/service promotion

  • reaching a potential consumer

  • increase in sales

  • brand social account growth

  • quality content for commercial use


  • agrees on expected deliverables (video, reel, post, stories, etc...)

  • define information to mention (main message, caption information etc...)

  • agrees on content preparation time

  • statistic data after publication (reach, engagement)

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