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Weekend Getaway and Self Care Time

We ran away from our duties and responsibilities to chill and spend some quality time together - just a two of us. Hope You will get the magical feeling from this blog post <3

We ran away from our duties and responsibilities to chill and spend some quality time together - just a two of us. Hope You will get the magical feeling from this blog post <3

Sometimes You just have to take a day off and pass Your leadership role to someone else (at least for some time) ! This is exactly what we did on the last day of November 2019!


So my bf is a November child and this year I wanted to surprise him with something valuable and useful - we both have worked our asses of this year and we finally needed some self time - in other words - we can't rule the world without getting any rest! Regarding to this I booked us a room in a SPA hotel in our neighbor country Lithuania and took a great spa deal that included pool, Jacuzzi, sauna, back massage and mud baths. We stayed in a Romantic Hotel at Panevėžys. Till the last minute of us arriving babe didn't know a thing about this! However, we had a great time and bellow You can see our mud baths and a chill zone between procedures where You can relax in a very calm atmosphere while enjoying herbal tea with Lithuanian honey.

Mud baths actually was not filled with real mud, I guess it was a water with some kind of added mixture

Chill zone gave a really peaceful overall vibe


After enjoying procedures we got back to our room and started getting ready for dinner in a hotel restaurant. Our offer included 3 course dinner and a glass of wine. I was really excited about restaurant itself because I really like old vintage styled places - gives me a magical mood of different century. However babe also was excited for dinner because we had missed our lunch and the hunger was real. For a dinner date I wore pretty satin/silk kind dress in a pink color from H&M . Lately I've been feeling extra and have a craving for shiny and sparkly things. I will link the dress bellow this post.

After all the glow up we headed to restaurant super excited and ready to enjoy our dinner. As promised we first got our wine glasses and soothe our appetite with them. Romantic candle light and vintage interior really got me in the mood. Every single detail was setting the vibe in right direction. By the way I really liked the old school rugs and chandeliers. All the guests were dressed up really fancy as well. Overall scene was really eye-pleasing. This is how weekends should look like!

Lets fast forward to the food!!! At the first round they served us a soup - and without joking - I got the feeling I won't like it, it will definitely contain something I don't eat etc. I was wrong! Maybe the look wasn't that alluring, but the taste was right on time! The second meal was even better - it was chicken with baked potatoes and grilled cauliflower served with hot pumpkin sauce and decorated with greens and berries. Needless to say the meat was just perfect! We both were really happy with chefs work! And our last round was dessert - panna cotta with berry sauce. I won't lie - we did expect bigger dessert, anyways after finishing it we were totally full and were thankful about the size of it. Enjoy all of our dinner bellow! :)


We finished our food, finished our wine glasses and spent the rest of the evening in our room enjoying each other company! Sometime less is more! Next morning we had our breakfast, packed our bags, checked out and went right back to reality! Relaxed and rested - now we have an energy and motivation for the last month of 2019! I got a felling that this month will be full of surprises and positive development!

Anyways, thank you guys SO MUCH for the love, the support, and the kindness that you’ve given and continue to give me in a day-to-day life. I am feeling so blessed and so grateful for each and every one of you!! Xo


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