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Fall For My Soul and My Autumn Essentials

Hey guys! I feel like I've been posting a lot of tips and hacks and that's fun, but today I wanted to share a little piece from myself so You could see a real person behind these posts and photos! :) Because of this I'm introducing You to new blog series - My Thoughts! For these series I am planning to cover all topics that are personal to me or share my thought whenever I feel like I need that. This will be my chitchatting with You! So take Your snacks and take Your coffee/tea and enjoy reading!

Autumn Sadness

We all love that sunny, nice weather summer gives us when You can wear shorts and skirts, crop tops and bikinis to show off Your summer body that You have been working so hard for! And lets don't forget salty hair and dark-tanned skin, late night adventures and those magic memories... And we all know that we want to live every day just like I described - without any worries and distractions, just enjoying life! Unfortunately all good things come to an end, and if You take a second to think about it - would summer even be this amazing, long waited, magical season if it would last forever? Even nature teaches us to appreciate the things we have!

Anyways - back to the Fall! When summer is coming to and end people tend to get depressed and sad, most of the time they welcome autumn with negative emotions and hate because summer they have been waited so long is now over and autumn is going to take it's place! And I get it - goodbyes are never easy but we need to find that silver lining for ourselves, because life doesn't end after August 31 and summer will be coming back next year, we just need to enjoy ourselves because of ourselves not because of the season or weather. Does that make sense? You and only You are responsible for Your own happiness not the weather outside the window or any other circumstance - and You should always keep that somewhere in Your mind! It's all about perspective - you choose what You want to feel!

Soulful season

As much as I would love to extend summer, I feel like fall is my favorite season. Before You consider me weird and crazy just hear me out! I know - we have spring where everything rises and blooms, we have summer where we can live our best lives, we have winter whit it's Holiday season, but fall where everything dies, where You have to say goodbye to Your favorite sunnies and where even birds fly away? I get it, I hear You and I am not here to change Your mind (even if I would really wanted to), however I will share my side of view why I love fall and hopefully this will help You too get through it with positive thoughts!

It's all about the mood!!! Just imagine - it's a warm autumn day and You are all dressed up in Your favorite coat and booties, sipping fall flavored coffee You just picked up from Your little local coffee shop. You are taking a leisurely stroll through Your city, each tree You see is covered with yellow-orange blanket and in every few seconds golden leaves are flying somewhere next to You. Does this sound peaceful to You? Not convinced yet? Okay lets take a look at different situation - it's pouring outside and You can also hear a light thunder somewhere far, at no means You want to leave Your house in such weather! You make yourself cocoa with cute, little marshmallow topping, switch Your lights to a twilight mood or even better - turn on Christmas lights (for me it's never too early for Christmas lights), wrap into Your most coziest and softest blanket and accompanied by little rain drops hitting Your window sill open the book You are currently reading (or turn on Netflix). Is this peaceful enough? For me it definitely is!

Besides the moodiness and coziness, I consider fall as a new begging. I even feel like fall is giving me more new beginning vibes than New Year. Probably it's because of the start of school year, when You reunion with Your friends and share Your unforgettable summer stories, where You are extremely motivated for this new semester and when You start every notebook with a blank page. I feel like fall is my blank page where I write down my heart warming memories and fill the rest with new goals and targets. And so can You! Change Your perspective - shift Your mindset - make this fall Your new beginning, Your blank page!


As You already noticed I'm such a sucker for fall! Because I'm obsessed with personalizing and organizing everything, I also have my fall must haves! This list is not super long, they are just few of my favorite things I include or do when my inner fall is rising from summer sleep!

First of all to create the mood, I always make a playlist with songs that boosts my mood and autumn vibe. The playlist I've been listening lately You can find here! I feel like music has such a powerful way to leave an impressive impact on Your overall mood! Seed the right sensation already in the morning and see how Your fall day will turn out!

Secondly I personalize the sh*t out of my daily stuff - change Your lock screen and background wallpaper, if You use laptop daily - change that one too! This way You will feel fallish every time You check Your phone (and we do that a lot)!

Third thing in my list are environment - bring out those aromatic fall scented candles (my favorite for fall are cookie scented) and light the crap out of them! Imagine the whole house smelling like fresh baked cookies - it's definitely a vibe! Hang Your Christmas lights all over the place to create a cozy look, and last thing I like to do is move some things around, make some changes - i find this also new beginning themed thing to do! Of course if You have You definitely should bring out all the fallish accessories You have to create it even more of that fall feeling in Your house!

Fourthly You should make changes in Your looks, and I don't mean dyeing Your hair in the opposite color or making a tattoo! Make some simple easy changes like eye shadow color - choose something in warm or brownish tones, same with lipstick. Also change Your wardrobe - prefer beige, nude or grayish colors, knitted wears, oversized clothing - You know better what fits best for You!

And the last but not the least - make changes in Your diet! I choose camomile and peppermint teas, caramel or pumpkin spiced lattes, as I mentioned earlier - cacaos with marshmallows. Also I like to cook cookies and pumpkin muffins, make more soups and stick to oven-baked meals.

Last advice

In the end I would like to remind You that we all are different people with different mindsets and that's okay! You just need to find the best fit for fall in Your day to day life! Meanwhile stick to Your goals and don't forget to leave some candy for small trick-or-treat creatures that will bang on Your door!

What are Your thoughts about Fall? I’d love to hear! Xo


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