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I have found THE dress

You know how You watch videos on TikTok and Instagram with these gorgeous girls sharing their perfect unreal red carpet-worthy dresses looking stunning and just living their best life? I always used to envy them a little (not in a bad way though). My whole life, like any other girl, I have worn an incredible amount of dresses - cocktail, evening, casual, professional, edgy, classic etc. - but none of them - NONE - gave me feeling of "The dress". Until now! I can happily announce you that I have found the one - THE dress!

THE dress

This A-line silhouette tulle dress called "AW Nola Dress" from www.awbridal.com is a dreams come true dress! It is everything that "THE dress" needs - it makes you look gentle and fragile but at the same time mysterious and magical - I call it a Fairy dress because it makes you feel like you can fly and spread the magic dust wherever you go! When I took this dress out to the beach to take some photos (obviously I needed to capture this gorgeous piece of magic) there was not a single person that passed me by without looking - and I don't mean a 3 second look! I mean the look when You have to turn Your head almost the other way around just to see it atleast 1 second longer! That's how impactful and powerful this dress is!

So many options

Now that we have all agreed that this really is THE dress, the second question that pops in our minds is - where can I wear it? - Honey, you can wear it everywhere. I didn't even want to take it off like ever! But jokes aside - this is a perfect dress for special occasions - it could be Your prom dress that will guarantee You the prom queen title, it could be a graduation dress that will make sure noone will forget You and still be talking about Your dress in reunion. Also, it would be a perfect bridesmaids dress for a spectacular wedding.

Talking wedding

Finding a perfect dress for Your beloved bridesmaids can be quite a challenging task. You want them not to only look fantastic but also be able to rock the dancefloor! In addition, it is also important for the dress to be affordable and possibly worn again after the wedding. The market is so full of options that it can be very overwhelming and stressful to find one dress that can fulfill all these needs and suits each bridesmaid's taste. Thankfully, I have solved this case and You don't have to waste Your energy and time no more because I promise - there just isn't anything better than this - this is a deal breaker, this is a record-breaking level, THIS IS THE DRESS!

Thank me later! <3


Shop The Look Below

AW Bridal Nola dress - Here

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