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Three Things You Should Be Doing If You Want To Grow Your Instagram

Today’s post is going to be about a very highly searched topic - ''How do I grow my Instagram following?''

I'm so excited to cover this topic because I have searched so much information and gained so much experience through past years and I really am happy to share that with You guys! However I want to preface this by saying, this is totally a individual strategy and what works for me not always can work for others. This post will be about how I grew my following to the point where small and medium companies started to collaborate with me (and I don't mean the discount codes for their production, but free products and paid posts). You can always use other methods - and that's totally fine. These are just things that have worked for me and the things I agree with! Anyways, let's dive into it!

1. Be Consistent

This tip is extremely important. If You want to grow Your following You've got to be fully committed to it. Commitment means being consistent.

Being consistent ranges from posting every day (I usually do 1 post per day, but for bigger bloggers I suggest to post twice daily) to keep up the feel to Your page. And if You're thinking this sounds like a lot of time and work, the You're hella right! It's a lot of work, but hard work always pays off. In this case the pay will be large number of followers and collaborations with brands You love!

By posting at least once a day everyday You are putting Yourself out there every day! Sounds logical but that's how it goes. This way it will be much easier for new people to find You and follow You. But remember - don't go crazy with this and post 5-6 times day - this way it may look like a spam and can be very annoying. Carefully posting one or two killer posts a day every day is one of the best and fastest ways to advertise Yourself and increase traffic to Your page!

2. Don't Be Shy, Engage!

One of the best parts of social media is being able to connect with people all over the world! Starting with little sweet messages that make my day to heart warming paragraphs - I wouldn't trade these interactions for anything! They are like a fuel for me that makes me work harder and do better. Being this connected to Your audience is one of the driving factors to success and growth. I know that out there are bloggers and influencers that feel like Instagram algorithm isn't working for Your benefit, but if You think about it - Instagram wouldn't exist without You, it needs You! So stop thinking about the algorithm and rock Your feed, enjoy Your time on this platform!

When Your audience can connect to You as a person, a real human being not only because they like Your shirt, You know that You are doing something right. I know it's hard to share personal stuff and You don't have to do it if You don't feel like it, but it's a powerful tool for growing and connecting with Your audience. You can also show Your personality in different ways for example responding to Your comments and DM's. Look from other perspective - there are people out there who spent their time to show You love under Your post or even by sending You a private message - the least You can do is say 'thank You' for the kindness they share. And don't be shy or jelly - You can also show love to others by commenting and sending DM's. I can't even describe that feeling You get when someone took time in their busy day to send You a super sweet and kind message. This is a great way to get Your page out there and connect with others! With this strategy You reveal that behind the screen is a caring, loving person that has a personality.

3. Connect, Collaborate, Network

There are many ways You can grow Your audience by collaborating with others, for instance - giveaways! We all have seen those spammy giveaways where many blogger come together, make one picture and ask You to follow them all to get a chance on winning an iPad or trip to some pretty location. If that is something You're into, then go for it, but this definitely is not a strategy I would go for. You can do a collaborations that doesn't make a pressure for Your audience to follow other profiles. The most honest and easiest way to naturally grow Your following by collabs are shout outs - team up with the blogger You like or share similar content, and shout out each other in Your story. If the content is similar to Yours then there is a quite big possibility for their audience to be interested in following also Your blog. I've found this to be hugely successful in growing Your following - and also authentic way which is so important for growing organic audience.

However don't get to crazy with this method as some of Your followers may find it annoying and spammy, once-twice a week should be enough.

Another way to gain exposure is to collaborate with other creators, brands, photographers etc. It takes courage to write and meet with strangers, but eventually those people can become Your friends and You will have a great time hanging out with them, making photos together and even sharing with experience. Collaborations with photographers not only gives You a high quality photos, but also teaches how to properly pose, which are the best angles, how to play with the light and many more things. Also they share their work on their social media platforms and at the same time they promote Your profile.

The third option would be working with brands. If Your make a great content for a brand, there is a high chance to be featured on their page (that usually has many followers). Also that is a great way to meet new people who mostly works in the same industry and can give You an amazing advice for content creating.

Hope you guys liked this post! I’m thinking about doing a post on 3 things not to do to grow your Instagram as well, would you like this? Let me know! ! Xo

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