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Why Dry Shampoo Is A Big NO + What To Do Instead!

Hi babes! I’m so excited to share today’s post sharing a secret I’ve been loving for a long time that keeps my hair healthy! I’m still a newbie to hair hacks and tips but I’ve been having so much fun exploring new hair care treatments and experimenting! Let’s get to it!


I know, I know: dry shampoos are so handy, they save so much time and effort and add a nice texture and volume to Your hair. I agree that a dry shampoo can be a life saver, but using them on regular basis can make a permanent damage for Your hair! What You did not know is that dry shampoos are full of chemicals that lift the cuticle of the hair (making that amazing volume we love so much) but since the hair is not being conditioned, the cuticle will not lie back down until it's washed. This causes hair product and dirt slip under the cuticle, lifting it even more. After a while all the dirt will completely clog the follicle, leading to a hair loss and an extremely slow hair growth. No matter how much You brush Your hair after using the dry shampoo, the cuticle still won't lay completely flat and eventually it will peal off or flake off, leaving the hair unprotected and easy breakable.

You will say: but I am using only a natural, non-toxic dry shampoo! Yes, natural is definitely better for many reasons, but it's still doing a damage for the follicle in long-term. Girl, I feel You, I am in love with dry shampoos, but this just won't work for growing out that long hair we all dream of! Also dry shampoos are sooooo overpriced and consumes fast. Your girl needed a solution ASAP cuz my hair were always getting oily in the same day I washed them!


If You are someone like me who just loves her hair down all the time (no pony tails, buns or braids), but can't because of ridiculously fast oil production on Your head, then girl I have a solution for You! I call it magic dust but the world know it as a Baby Powder. And You will say: blah blah blah, been there, done that, it's not the same and I don't want my hair to smell like baby's butt! But I will stop You right there - once I actually thought this way too, but that was only because of lack of knowledge, know I just could not imagine life with my powder, it's definitely my GO TO and MUST HAVE!

Let's discuss the smell! When I first tried a baby powder, I thought that I wouldn't feel the smell during the day and it made sense cause if You think about it - we put our perfume in the morning, but during the day You won't even feel the smell while others would be feeling it every time they cross You. But as it turned out the baby powder smell doesn't go away, it stays all they long and You can feel it every time You touch Your hair, even Your hand starts to smell like the powder. And won't lie - I truly hate that smell, it's just one of those fragrances I can't take. After I realized that the smell won't go away I stopped using the powder until 6 months ago I decided to give it another try, only this time I discovered that there actually are baby powders without that annoying smell. Know I can truthfully say - it has completely changed my hair game!

The second most common problem is for dark-haired babes out there! Many of girls are scared of using baby powders because of the hair color - it's been believed that baby powder doesn't disappear completely in Your hair and leaves stains or make the roots look lighter. As I also have dark roots, I can swear that there haven't been even one situation where someone would have confronted me about my hair or use of baby powder (because no one ever knew about it) - if You really distribute powder evenly on Your fingers and then apply to the scalp, You should not experience this issue. There are some woman out there who applies powder directly to their hair - imagine pouring something directly on Your hair! It's almost impossible to pour it right on roots, the powder will cover most of Your top hair and in this situation it will be hard to massage the powder in scalp. So the answer is YES - You can get stains or lighter hair if You apply it the wrong way!

And all of those hate-morning babes out there - I know that time is the most valuable thing in the morning, but trust me, this takes Your time only at the beginning, You would be shocked of how much of a difference the practice can make! If first it took me 10-15 minutes to apply baby powder, now it's only 5 minutes and I am ready to go, my hair is looking awesome and I know that I haven't done any damage to it! And look at my hair know - no more greasy hair on the same day, no more every-day hair wash, twice as less usage of air blower and finally - long, healthy hair!


How I do it? How to correctly apply the baby powder? There is no right way - You should find the best way that works for Your hair, but if You want to know how I do, it then keep reading!

First hold Your hand out flat, fingers held out straight and closely together. Shake a small amount of baby powder onto Your fingers (not on Your palm) and pat Your fingers lightly together so You get some on both hands. Then lean a little bit forward so Your hair is hanging over Your face and massage the powder into Your scalp in one area at a time. Repeat this until Your entire scalp or oily places are covered with baby powder. I would suggest doing this before You do Your make-up that way giving it time to absorb the oil. After You have done Your make-up, use Your fingers to massage scalp using circular motions - this will remove the excess baby powder, then brush Your hair as You would usually do to get rid of the rest of the baby powder. I know at first this sounds like a lot, but really it's not. I have a thick, long hair and takes me only 5 minutes. If I can do it, so can You!

Go get that long, healthy hair and don't forget to share Your experience with baby powders and dry shampoos!

Thank You for reading and I wish You all to have a good-hair-day!! Xo

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